Success Story: Spiriva “Elephant” Campaign


Spiriva Handi-Haler* is approved for treatment of COPD by US FDA.


In order to better understand COPD patients’ needs and grow sales, BI* completes a quantitative segmentation to define target segments and hone Spiriva marketing strategy.


I moderated deep dives to uncover underlying challenges, emotions and motivations of each of the 5 identified segments (2 quads per segment; 4 US markets). A box of tissues was a necessary room supply as some respondents became teary when sharing their stories in the safe “support group” atmosphere of these sessions. The research results identified the most appealing 3 segments considering market size, unmet needs, and receptiveness to Spiriva as their COPD solution.


The team next commissioned an ad campaign concept test among the 3 target segments. “Elephant” was one of 5 ideas we tested (printed storyboards; groups of 5 patients/segment; 3 US markets).


I moderated follow-up “pool-out” testing to help determine the latest compelling story for the Spiriva Elephant, which continues to offer engaging story lines as the anchor of Spiriva’s highly successful, visually compelling, brand-defining campaign.


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“It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest…” was heard across markets as respondents described the fear, discomfort and anxiety of a COPD exacerbation. Kudos to the team for really hearing the patients and for using patient language as the basis for a creative campaign!
Was by far the most compelling concept. “Elephant”
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