Broad Range of Research Methodologies

  • Ad Concepts and Campaigns
  • Positioning
  • Package Design
  • Segment Deep Dives & Understanding
  • Device and Prototype Design & Optimization
  • Medical Condition Understanding
  • Marcom/Materials Development
  • Message Testing & Story Flow
  • Needs Assessment
  • Concept Tests
Lexicon Development

What is the most compelling, accurate, target-friendly, unique language to use to communicate with our HCPs and patients?


Package & Device Design
  • Which design most effectively helps the user achieve the end goal?
  • Which best connects emotionally?
  • Which best differentiates vs. competition?
Concept & Campaign Development

Which message or idea best captures the viewer’s imagination?

Which is…

  • most emotionally resonant?
  • unique and ownable?
  • motivational?
  • most likely to inspire action?
Needs Assessment
  • What motivates the members of our constituency?
  • What are their needs and challenges?
  • How can we best support and serve our users?

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